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For health or community sector workers with a duty of care or responsibility for an older person living with epilepsy e.g. disability, residential or home aged care or mental health.  This eLearning module will enable participants to develop a deeper understanding of epilepsy and seizures, and the impact on the older person living with epilepsy.

Where the older person living with epilepsy has been prescribed emergency medication, training in the administration of emergency medication will also be required.

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This two hour eLearning module will enable participants to develop a deeper understanding of epilepsy and seizures, the impact of epilepsy on an older person; and how best to support an older person living with epilepsy.

Topics Covered:

  1. The complexity of epilepsy
  2. Seizure presentation & classification
  3. Epilepsy treatments & their impact
  4. Seizure First Aid
  5. The impact of epilepsy on the individual
  6. Epilepsy risks, injury & death
  7. Epilepsy in the later years
  8. Resources available to support you in your work

Who should do this course?

This eLearning module has been developed for health or community sector workers e.g. disability, residential or home aged care or mental health who have a ‘duty of care’ responsibility for an older person living with epilepsy.

Anyone wanting to improve their awareness and understanding of epilepsy and its impact on the older person.

You and Your

Health and
Direct Care

Education and

Employers and

Time and Assessment:

This eLearning module will take approximately two hours to complete and includes a number of questions and scenarios to check understanding as the participant progresses through the course.

Participants will be asked to complete a pre-course self-assessment of their understanding of epilepsy and a post course evaluation and self-assessment; and will be given access to a range of resources to support them in their work.

A Certificate of Completion can be generated on completion of all tasks.


More information or offline resources:

This course is available offline, please contact us to discuss options.

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